Bigsby Tremolo For You

I’m not really a musical instrument afficionado and never do I claim to be musical instrument savvy who knows the ins and outs of whatever can be found in any given instrument before. But since I’ve been gifted a guitar, I might as well get to know what the different parts it has and what those different parts do. I mean, that’s only logical right?

So what intrigue me the most, is the bigsby tremolo that my guitar has. Knowing next to nothing about it, as I’ve said, I’ve Googled what it is. Here is what I found out. Bigsby is designed by Paul A. Bigsby that  allows musicians to bend the pitch of notes or entire chords with their pick hand for various effects. Isn’t that neat? To find out more about this incredible product, look through the impressive catalog of Guitar Center.

Musician’s Friend Giveaway

I’ve recently been informed of this wonderful news! There’s a musicians friend giveaway that has been going for ages and I’ve never known about it. As I understand it, the Musician’s Friend site is giving these giveaways monthly. Now that’s a very spectacular deal! Not only giveaways but sweepstakes, as well, mind you. Last March, the sweepstakes prize was a trip for two in Los Angeles. Imagine that! Really wished I’ve known about their wonderful giveaways and sweepstakes before.

No matter, there’s an ongoing giveaway this September which will end at the end of the month. I’m gonna head on over to their site to enter. The prize is one of the three prize packages from Pearl and Zildjian! I need some great drums. I hope I’ll get the chance the win!

Unleash the Beethoven in You with This Digital Piano from Casio

In this day and age where the music industry is booming with new and talented song writers and performers, it is not yet too late for anyone to live their dream of becoming a musician. Want to be like Beethoven minus the grand piano? Embrace modernity and musicality of a grand piano, but in a digital and smaller form.

Check out Casio’s PX 780 88 weighted key digital piano. With this instrument, you no longer have to worry about expensive maintenance. Plus, you also get to save space without having to sacrifice quality of sound. This gives off the feel of playing a real piano, perfect to play around when you are inspired to write a new song. Try out musician’s friend

This digital piano has 88 keys, dual 20 w speakers, and three piano pedals just like the real piano. What’s more is, it has a USB Midi, and is actually safe for moving around as it is housed in a sturdy cabinet. The best thing about this digital piano is its features that make it special. You can layer different musical instrument sounds in your playing as it provides bass, strings, and electric pianos and organ tones.

Surely, Casio’s PX 780 88 is a great musical investment worth your money. Not only is this instrument best for the beginners and pros, this is a lovely instrument for any music lovers out there.

Men Fashion Bags

My Husband used to have bad habit of stuffing his pockets with everything from your keys and wallet and then one day he didn’t know that there’s a hole in his pocket and everything slides off and so it gives me an idea on what to give him on our next anniversary.

A bag is no longer just seen as a women’s fashion accessory, infact it adds some edge of masculinity to their outfits. That being said there are times when I need more space, and this probably applies to most men. It’s also a great addition to wardrobe. Practicality wise, it is the main reason of pwning a tablet or a cellphone. It is an accessory but if you invest wisely in material and style then it will for a life time.

Are you having a bag dilemma too?
Check out: Here my favorite style so far.

Zipper PU Patchwork Men's Backpack

Brown/Black Zipper PU Men's Tote BagCoffee Zipper PU Men's Cross Body/One Shoulder Bag

A carry bag that you could actually use for work and for casual days. It’s not even expensive so it’s really worth every penny. My hubby actually loves his backpacks, leather weekend bag and satchels.

Timeless Ball gown wedding dresses

Classic ball gowns are one of the most popular design for wedding gowns. It’s romantic design usually have a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. Take a look at the timeless and elegant pieces at

Since the fabric has different variations,   you can choose which material will suit best on your wedding day.  Typically they are made of of tulle, satin or (anything that can give a full shape to the dress). Remember that some fabrics are made thicker than the others, so choose well in accordance to the weather and season of your wedding.

You also need to take in consideration the design or style you want to have.I personally like a strapless neckline with a sweetheart neck line and a corset back because it can create a small waistline and can give enough support to my body. They say that a petite girl like me can be overpowered in a ball gown because of its bulky skirt. However given the proper research, every girl can accentuate the part she loves and conceal the flaws in her body.

Wedding 2015 made a whole new twist to this classical wedding dress. Nowadays, Ball gowns are made modern. They can come in simple and classic style to more complex and detailed styles. Whatever design you choose, I guarantee that Ball gown wedding dresses will always look beautiful. You are sure to have the elegance and edge you’ve been dreaming of on your special day.

See Weddingshe collection of Discount Ball Gown Wedding Dresses and Discount Wedding Dresses 2015 below:

18th Birthday Party Preparation

18th birthday marks a significant part in a girl’s life. This is the time she will no longer be called a girl but a ‘woman’. I remember my own time of transition some so and so years ago (no revealing of age here haha). I was very excited to celebrate that night with the most special people in my life including my family and friends. With that, I’d like to share with you some tips on how you can prepare the night in a breeze.

Figure out the theme for your party no matter how simple you want it to be. Asking your guests to wear an appropriate costume will not only make it memorable, it will make the night more fun!

When choosing a theme, think of what you like most, your hobbies, activities you enjoy, colors you love. This will help you extract the real you. As always, the theme should reflect your personality.

Since debut means partying, you can’t let the night pass without some rocking and rolling no matter what theme you’ve decided to have. If you’re a hard core musician, you will never go wrong with Hot Rod Guitar Combo Amp.

Rest! It could be an overwhelming task to organize your 18th birthday without a coordinator. Remember that this is supposed to be a fun night. If you will look haggard on your special night, you won’t be able to enjoy the event.

I hope you have a great time preparing for THE DAY!

Organizing a Schoolwide Band Contest Step by Step

School band contests are just one of the most awaited part of high school life since music and teenagers are almost inseparable. If you are planning on conducting a band contest, this step by step guide will help you make it happen.

1. Draft a proposal for the principal. State the objective of the activity. It may be to showcase the talents of the students. Also, include the overall budget needed. These are important aspects the principal would need to know.

2. Invite participants to audition. If you feel there would be a lot of participants, conducting an audition would be beneficial. You don’t need professionals here yet to judge. Your music teacher and other organizers could do the job.

3. Prepare the program. Depending on the budget given by the principal, you may hire a professional host and invite a guest band. Since this would mean an additional cost, make sure you discuss this with the principal. Another option is to get an alumni who’s in the music industry. He wouldn’t overcharge for sure or won’t charge at all.

4. Advertise online and offline. Since most students have a Facebook account, creating an event’s page on FB would be a great idea. This would give you a rough estimate of how many people you will be expecting to come. However, don’t just rely on online advertisement. Print out posters for the school’s bulletin board and flyers to give out the students.

5. Prepare the venue. Instruments for school band could be costly so you may want to rent this out or get an inexpensive set for the event in case your school has not invested in one yet. This could be a start of a yearly tradition so buying them would be fine.

Keep in mind that this event is supposed to be fun both for the participants and the organizers as well. Don’t stress about little details. Just enjoy the event!